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Regal - Flea Spray for Dogs (400ml)

Regal Pet Health

REGAL FLEA SPRAY is a topical herbal remedy formulated to repel and, in some cases, kill fleas and other parasites, such as ticks and mites, that typically infest dogs. With its non-toxic and natural hypoallergenic properties, this spray can be used liberally over your dog, blankets and collars - without being toxic to you or your children. This makes it the ideal repellent for family and home!

While safe for dogs and humans, it is broadly toxic to many parasites, including fleas, ticks, mites and worms. Wormwood and Black Walnut have been used for centuries to help kill parasites around the home and garden and have strong antiseptic properties. Neem is often used in commercial flea products. It inhibits parasites' ability to reproduce and helps stop eggs from hatching. Citronella and thyme have been included too, for their antibacterial and insect repellent qualities.

Any pet owner will shudder at the mention of fleas because of how invasive and persistent they can be. The dratted creatures just never stay dead. Understanding their life cycle helps us determine the level and duration of an infestation and decide on our best course of action. The fleas you can see jumping around make up less than 5% of the flea population. The rest is made up of the eggs, larvae and cocoons. Flea eggs are smaller than a grain of sand and often lie unnoticed in corners and in the sand outside your home. Larvae are also almost undetectable – and those that make it to the cocoon stage, are resistant to almost anything.

ADULT: An adult female can start laying her eggs after only one meal. She lays around 20 at a time and can lay up to 50 a day.

EGG: Just smaller than a grain of sand, they fall into carpets, floorboards and gather in corners like dirt. They'll hatch anywhere between 2 and 14 days; the colder or dryer the weather, the longer this will take.

LARVAE: Larvae are less than half a centimetre long, avoid light and are almost transparent, making them difficult to see. They spend the next 5 – 20 days feeding on droppings left by adult fleas (flea dirt). Up to 90% of the flea population in your house at any given time, will consist of eggs and larvae. They are virtually undetectable and because they don't impact on you or your dog directly, are often left alone.

COCOON OR PUPA: Cocoons make up less than 10% of the flea population and because the cocoon is such an excellent insulator, they are the most impervious to removal. It also has a sticky outer coating that allows them to stay deep in their environment where light vacuuming cannot reach. This stage usually lasts a few days to a few weeks, but a cocoon can hold out for months, sometimes even years, until conditions are just right. The adult flea inside can sense rising levels of carbon dioxide, vibrations, humidity and body heat and when living conditions are most ideal (including a potential host nearby) the adult flea will emerge.