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Doggy Hillfigher - Bounce Parka Harness Jacket for Dogs (Yellow)

Doggie Hillfigher


This functional & fashionable Bounce Parka Jacket doubles up as a warm step in harness with a warm fleece inner. Simply step in and zip up. Now oyur dog is ready to lounge around the house or simply clip a leash onto the attached jacket clips for a trip outside the house.

Small 29cm 34cm 28cm
Medium 33cm 40cm 31cm
Large 37cm 46cm 34cm 
X Large 41cm 52cm 37cm


 HOW TO MEASURE (Garments, Harnesses, Collars)
TOOLS: Use a soft material tape measure or a piece of wool or string
NECK: Measure the entire circumference at the base of the neck (all the way around). 
CHEST: Measure the entire circumference of the chest directly behind the front legs (all the way around)
LENGTH: Measure from the base of the neck to just before the start of the tail. Note: For animals with longer bodies like pictured, the fit will be in order as long as the neck and chest measurements match the size you have chosen.